Sunday, January 27, 2008

stover metal works

are right, let's get the mundane suff out of the way early. finally got to ride the 'road bike' for a change. sun was shining and it actually got into the 50's. not until i was done riding though. high 40's, maybe 50 by the time i rolled into the garage. a group of 5 of us did a nice tempo ride for a couple of hours. i actually got in 3 hours and 50 miles. man, it was nice to be outside in the beautiful weather. it's been a while.........

i got some pictures below of my new reciever hitch bike rack. none of the big or even small companies makee a 'fork mounted' reciever hitch rack anymore. just the kind that lock in both wheels of the bike. i dont' like that style at all, and have heard to many horror stories about bikes falling off.
so a friend of mine, who was actually my first captain on the fire department, designed and welded one for me. he actually made one for himself first. his first production had an elbow hinge that swung out to the side of the car so you could access and open you hatch on the rear or your car. the one he made for me, i asked to simplify and lighten a little. it actually hinges at near the base of the tongue from the reciever to swing up when not in use. pretty cool stuff. allows me to get the bikes off the top of my car, which i hate because it hurts the gas mileage.

nathan is in the process of making a few more to sell and should have few to look at and to sell come 'spring fling' races. more info from 'Stover MetalWorks' forthcoming in future posts. nate is trying to get a website up and running and will have a contact number for questions and interested persons.

hoped you enjoyed the couple of days of sunshine and mild temps, cuz it looks like another round of artic air is headed towards kc and the midwest.

till next time,
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