Friday, January 11, 2008

the last cross' race of the year was this past sunday, the 6th.............all my free time is spent thinking about the next race. i think i'm crazy! march 2nd the first Heartland race of the year, the first mtb race, the first race of the year. my i'm consumed or obsessed. eaither one. i've got issues.

base miles.......god! it's already been a long three weeks, 9 more to go.....

new mtb frame is due in on monday.......can't wait to get that built up and some dry or frozen singletrack to ride it on. that is a much more enjoyable way to log base miles on.

short post, i'm up early tommorrow to work. 530 comes too soon.

oh, here's something....ran a call yesterday, 23 year old kid took a 9mm to his mouth and pulled the trigger. how does it get that bad. hopefully he was an organ donor, cuz he had a heartbeat when we got him in the helicopter.

till next time!

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