Sunday, January 20, 2008

so i've got a couple of excuses for not joining some friends on a sunday morning ride. 1: its only 12 degrees. 2: it was a busy day at work yesterday, we had structure fire my crew spent a couple of hours at. 3: i dont want to battle with my wife with why i'm riding when i'll be on shift at the firehouse starting monday for 48 straight hours. then she will be working the next couple of nights during the middle of the week. so, i probably ought to put her first.

but honestly, those three reasons may be good ones. however, i think for whatever reason the motivation is down and it is just easier to hop on the trainer for an hour. the alternative is to spend 20 minutes preparing for the cold ride, then another 25 minutes driving to the trailhead, ride for an hour and a half at god only knows who's pace. this basically puts back home at noon or so, cuz the guys i'm meeting didn't want to start riding until 9:00. which really means wait for everyone to show and maybe the ride will start by 10:00.

like i said, its just easier to hop on the trainer. i may not be saying that come tuesday afternoon at the firehouse when i'll be starting my 4th day in a row with my daily ride being spent on the friggin' trainer. oh well! today i choose the pathe of least resistence.

i'm sure the guys will have a fun ride with or without me, and i'm sure my wife would'nt have kept me in the 'dog house' for very long, and i'm really sure i'll be cussing at the trainer monday and tuesday. the motivation to tough the elements and other life' obstacles will only increase over the next few weeks, and i will be riding under nasty midwest weather conditions.

besides, i'm not as 'lucky' as Ted. i am not able to commute to my firehouse.
I dont wonder, I Know What Ted is doing!

human powered two wheeled machines are better for you.........

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Anonymous said...

your friends left promptly at 9:30 Sunday, probably would have had to wait on you anyway you big puss! take the sand out of your shorts as someone used to say around here...