Monday, January 14, 2008

the new ride, courtesy of my beautiful better half

alright alright, my man my man.......about 3hours of leg work and i got my new mountain bike built. my lovely wife bought me the Niner frame for x-mas and it was delivered to the shop today. i could hardly contain myself. going to take it on a test run tommorrow morning on some frozen singletrack and check my build. i got it built with not really any catches to speak of. which is new for me. each build over the last couple of years has gotten a little bit smoother each time. the only thing missing on the bike is my Thompson seatpost i have on order. i didnt realize the niner aluminum and scandium frames came with that gigantic seattube(31.6). oh well, when you look at the pics below just imagine that good looking bike with a silver thompson seatpost! we'll see tommorrow, but i think i need a new front der. ther's a lot of play in it so i think i may match it with the rear and make it a sram instead of the shimano

anyhow, check out the pics! and
see you on the trail!

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