Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hello! Jan. 9: my first entry

Well, this started cuz a friend of mind started a blog. ichecked it out and thought it was really cool. just a snapshot into his life. pics of wife, kids, dog, hell it was just a window into his daily life.
i sent him some pics my wife had taken of him racing his bike, he loved and posted a couple. i thought that was really cool.

my friend, Ted and i are out riding today, and i asked him, 'how do start a blog?'.....well, that answer led to this. i seem to be stumbling through the whole set-up thing.......not quite sure what will look good or what i should say. but as i was setting this up, that's where the whole 'journal' thing seemed to come to mind. kinda like that 8th grade english teacher asking you to write in you 'daily journal'.....we all know how big of a pain in the 'ars' that was.

this doesn't seem to be that way though..........multi-media technology, i guess?

so anyway, ted and i rode for a couple of hours together. company on the bike helps those base miles go a littke faster and a little easier. i got in 3 1/2 hours and about 46 miles. a miserable south wind made it feel like 32 instead of the claimed 44 degrees.

gotta go, i'm up early to work......24hrs/7am to 7am. just saving lives and making a difference. ha ha. actually i or my crew has 'ice rescue' training tommorrow. we get to put on a cold water wet suit and jump into a half frozen pond tommorrow. it is actually some fun stuff!! seriously!

until next time.

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Anonymous said...

nice blog! glad I could help you out. Don't you wish sometimes that we should have paid more attention in class at SMNW? I know. I do!! Keep it up