Thursday, January 24, 2008

note to haters out there

let's channel had olathe as 5 degrees when i left my house at 10:30 am to hop on my bike.....................who's a pussy, you ask. not me! anyway, i hopped on my mntn bike to meet ted at shawnee mission park. stayed warmer and out of the wind by taking the streamway path. no wind though and I ended up working harder than i would have preferred due to snow pack on the pathway. oh well. this just means i suffered the cold on the way home by taking the main roads. legs could use the break of grinding all the way home from the snow. able to spin higher gear on the road out of the snow.
it ended up being a really good ride. not near as bitter and painful as i expected. the sunshine and lack of wind really made for an enjoyable ride. ted has a cx loop figured out come next july when we start prepping for cx season.............god, i'm screwed, i am already thinkin' about cross'.
i need help!!

go ride! oh, i wonder what lucas was doing while ted and i were riding?hmm...................probably not riding.

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Anonymous said...

Lucas was probably working like normal people do during the week at 9:00 am. damn firemen!