Monday, June 9, 2008

more pics and thoughts about the new 'taylor' five of brynn madelyn taylor coming into this world has come and gone. the posted photos are of friends muggin' up for the camera with brynn. everyone seems to be quite amazed at heather and i. for heather, its the amazement of how well shee handled the pregnancy and the birth of her first child and how well she looks just a few days removed from delivery. myself is aa different story. i think its that same sense of amazement these same friends of mine had when heather agreed to move in with me, then said yes to my proposal of marriage and the final straw being the actual going thru with the wedding plans. 'what could heather be thinking?' or 'what is she doing with that guy?' and yes, the perverbial 'that shlub must have a really big c#$@, to be with a hottie like that!'

yes.......unfortunately these are just a few of my friends, cycling and non-cycling friends, along with heather posing with brynn as well. jeez, you get a baby and a camera, and everybody is a Friggin' model!

oh yeah..... on morning of day five, heather allowed me to head out to blue springs, mo for race #2 of the heartland mountain bike series. somehow, after all the rain we've had the trails at landahl park were dry enough to race on. with only a couple of hours of sleep due to it was my turn to feed and change brynns diapers the previous night, i managed to just miss out on a podium and a small cash purse. 6th place in the expert 30-39 class was all i could manage, which actually was better than my expectations at the starting line. i was about 2 and 1/2 minutes back of 5th place and some cash. still managed to put an ass whupping on some friends and rivals but still just 3 to 5 minutes back from the guys that i really would like to be 'racin' with. the studnickis and prices', guys like that.

oh well...........more pics and useless antcedotes to come.......did i spell that word right???


MOD said...

Thanks for letting me tow you around on that 3rd lap Josh. My gear was just too freaking big to stay with you. Maybe at Smithville. Nice race man, we'll see you soon.

Pete Basso said...

Josh - congrats on the new baby...and the new kid. The Niner is sweet and of course the real baby is awesome. Great to see everything is going well, I'll be down there next week so be ready to ride. I'll call Joe and get it set up. Great looking family, you're going to have a blast with the new baby, (child).

Lis Heal said...

I hear you have a pretty cute little girl. I'm sad I missed meeting her at the shop. Hope you guys are doing well.

Pure NZ Alt Radio said...

Hey, great bike mate. I've ordered an identical model from the U.S (colour and all) Can't wait to give it a burn! Cheers. Paul.