Thursday, June 5, 2008

hey all,
just wanted to post a couple of pics. i stated in a earlier email. to some cycling 'buddies' that the wife and baby are great! in fact 25 hrs after giving birth, heather was allowed to go home. she is a tough and beautiful lady! i am truly in awe of the strength and toughness it takes to give give birth. anyway...if anyone was worried about the progress of my training for the remainder of the road and mtb seasons and leading up to the 08' 'cross' season. its 6pm and a couple of hours after the family came home to the hospital. i am throwing the 360 team kiton and going out to ride for a couple of hours and get in some tt or Lt efforts.......if anybody was interested. again, the beautiful wife of mine didn't even flinch when i talked to her about my riding plans.

god, do i love that lady. and i am truly in love with my daughter Brynn Madeline

here is a couple of pics. heather will not be happy about me posting one of her and the baby, but they are both incredibly beautiful. andi dont know how the hell the picture of my mtb bike got in there?? oh well,

thanks for all the e-mails and here is to some dry weather and a margarita for heather!!


Anonymous said...


You rock bro! Bringing a new life into the world is an amazing thing. Stay proud! Congratulations to you and Heather from all at SKC Racing.

Lis Heal said...

Congratulations Josh! She's precious. Tell Heather she's a champ.

Squirrel said...

Welcome too Daddy hood my brutha! Thee 2nd best thing that has ever happen too me. Damn you must be getting faster....6th in the Expert...and you beat my single speed brutha MOD. Fucking Ehy!