Monday, June 30, 2008

couple of pics and an update. brynn is wonderful. heather and i are up a couple of times a nite to fead and change. thats when i am not working the next day at the fire staion, otherwise heather is taking a big bulk of the load.

no races the last couple of weekends, i bailed on the 360 teammates yesterday for the baldwin road race. feeling kind of yuky and run down and i was scheduled to work anyway. didnt want to burn time off work for a race that i didnt have down as an 'A' race and not feeling well either. so i went to work......go figure. it was a sunday and i got paid to take a couple of naps .....also ran a nasty car wreck on I-70....took us 50 minutes to cut a guy out of an overturned car. he literally had the car folded and smashed around him and almost had his feet pinched off by the crushed car around him..
tuesday nite crits have been fast and fun the last 2 weeks. finished 4th in the field sprint 3 weeks ago which was 8th on the nite. last week the average for the nite was 27+ for the 2nd week in a row. it was unusual again in that noone got up the road. not for lack of trying but everything just got chased down. so with the real 'big' boys not up the road, the last 3 laps were friggin crazy fast. i knew this was gonna happen so i just tried to hold on for dear life to some good wheels and hope to stay in contact until the final corner. i found myself just barely holding on to the front 12-15 guys on the bell lap. coming into the last corner it was all i could do to stay uprite and not pass out. first 5-6 guys were 20-30 meters up and i was dangling on to the next half dozen racers. the final sprint saw me pass about 3 guys before the line and noone coming around my wheel. i counted 11 wheels ahead of me at the line. so 12th was the result. not what my original goal was, but a good hard nite was in the books and i think a few recovery days were in order after the last 2 killer tuesday niters and 'tt' efforts on the previous 2 thursdays as well. 360 racing was again well represented. david hedjuk was 2nd on the nite and andy lucas was a couple of wheels ahead of me as well. cameron chambers was active all nite trying to get into breaks. plenty of other teammates doing a lot at the front setting tempo or chasing down breaks.

'Cross' is still the final goal, or i should say 'main' objective, so i have got a lot of training and work to do before september 28 th rolls around.

ive also got this kid thing to deal with......holy %#$^ i am a father!

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