Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pics from saturday nites cross race at the Heartland Speedway in Topeka

Post race trying to keep Brynn busy

Heather got some good pics with the little camera last saturday nite. We also discovered that Brynn doesnt like to share the salsa when we are out eating 'mexican'.....so our waitress brought her very own bowl. Spoiled even by others!

With the sun going down, thats' me hopping back on the bike after the stairs exiting the dirt oval.

Racers lining up before the start of the Master's 'A' 40+ race. I am front row on the our left hand side.

Brynn having way too much fun on the bleachers at Heartland Park. More fun than watching a bunch of weirdos in spandex anyway.....although she did see the racers running the stairs, which had her screaming 'weeeeeeeee'. We were cheap entertainment for her.

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