Monday, November 16, 2009

Kansas Cyclocross Championships

Kansas Cyclocross Championships were held at St. Mary's University in Leavenworth, KS yesterday. A solid night of rain softened the turf before race day, and a steady drizzle and a field of 40 plus racers starting the morning off turned the course into an epic 'slick as snot' day of cyclocross for the remaining races thruout the day on Sunday.

My race, the Master's 'A' 35+ went off at 11am with the 45+ and 55+ categories. Upwards of 27 in my class and another 30 plus lined up behind in the older aged categories. The temps steadily dropped thru out the morning. by race tine for us it was low 40's and later in the day the temps had dropped into the 30's. The first race at 10 am had 30 plus racers, which led to a 'softening' up of the course. With a steady drizzle the course got slicker and slicker.

Great layout for Sundays' course. Hats off to Chris Locke and friends for all the hard work. I think the course was great and the weather made the day perfect to race 'cx' bikes.

I generally believe i have an advantage going into a race like yesterdays. The layout of the course and the nasty conditions of it make for what i think is a highly technical day of racing. I consider that perfect ingredients for me to beat some of the guys who i feel like are my rivals or guys who are similar ability to me.

However, picking myself off the ground a half a dozen times will not lead to a great result. That is exactly what happened yesterday. Legs were fine, but mentally i was not prepared. I overraced my bike yesterday, raced way too aggressive, i got in a hurry trying to play catch up after my initial wipeout and got careless under the conditions and paid the price. You cant do those things to be competitve in a cx race in our area anymore and count on a good result. The KC area and our region has gotten so competitve the last couple of years. So many guys have caught the 'cross bug' and are really going fast. It is friggin awesome. 2 years ago, weather like Sundays' would have chased a lot of racers away in our area, and we would have been lucky to have half as many racers line up for a race like that. So hats off to everybody who welcomed the 'epic' cx conditions and who really came out to experience a great course and a great day of racing.
Off my box and back to my reflections of my own day of racing..........I also made a bad decision in equipment choices as well. I chose the wrong tires and went with the wrong wheels. This is frustrating because I thought i learned my lesson after racing in last years Boss Cross #2 and #3 races. If you were there...You know these races were absolute mudfests. I made the same mistake last year with these 2 races yet still I chose the wrong tires that i have at my disposal. This was just one of many mental and physical mistakes i made yesterday. Bottom line, I was horrible yesterday. my result could have actually been a lot worse if my legs didnt feel good. Fortunately, the guys behind me suffered some of the same problems keeping the rubber on the ground as I did. So by the end of the 40+ minutes of slipsliding and slopping around in the mud, grass, brick and asphalt I tried to outsprint 360 teammate Joel Hammontree, only to come up a half a wheel short. It was a disappointing 10th place with 27 guys towing the start line for my race. I Got beat by a bunch of fast guys though, so no shame there.

On top of all of my supposed mistakes and slopping around and picking myself up out of the mud....I still had an absolute blast racing my bikes(s) yesterday. Great course, great conditions and above all else....great competition. I love racing against guys and competing against guys who I like and respect. Going against teammates or guys I opposing teams, I really revel in competing against friends and rivals in our area who love 'cx' as much as I do. And there are a lot of guys who love cx as much as me now.

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see yah!

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