Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wanna Be Photographer.....

These pics were taken by friend and fellow cx geek, Joe Houston during the Boss Cross #2 race in Parkville, MO.
Joe wasnt racing cuz of an injury sustained on the previous day of racing......something about landing on his 'vagina' wrong or something.

Anyway......Thanks for the pics joe!

Pic 1) Joe taking a pic of me exiting the ridable sand pit late in the race. It was really starting to hurt here.

Pic 2) The actual start of the Master's 'A' 35+ race. Day 2 of the Boss Cross series. I was 3rd wheel here entering turn 1, on my way to a 2nd place finish.

Pic 3) Joe really liked this shot.

Pic 4) This spot was a great for fans to cheer/heckle the least favorite racer. Short but steep little ride/run-up.

Pic 5) Joe just got tired or lazy and quit moving around for new shoot locations.

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