Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'Cross' footnotes and rankings

Cool Pics courtesy of Lyle Reynolds. I borrowed them from his Flicker account.

Thanks Lyle!

I also want to thank Jeff Winkler for putting together some rankings of racers in our area or those who have raced cx in our area. He even seperated everyone into the category that the individuals are racing in.. Cool stuff, if you are in into comparing yourself with your competition, contemporaries and seeing how far back you are of the really really fast guys....ie. winkler, schmalz, wallace, tilford, smith......the really really fast SOB's.

If you race cx, road or on the mountainbike in the midwest region from nebraska to arkansas, then you have probably seen the name Jeff Winkler. What has most likely been the case is, you have seen him go by you as he is starting his 4th lap and you are still on your 3rd. Regardless, wether you are a seasoned cyclist or relatively new to the sport, you need to check out his blog. I dont have the full story on jeff. I have only heard stories. Suffice it to say, he has raced at a high level for a long time. He has raced all over the world against the fastest in the world.(i.e. think Europe and the top pros). I find his blog and his race replays insiteful and incredibly interesting. I am a geek, but it is cool to see what a guy at his level is thinking during and even after a race........like i said, i am a geek.

Check Jeff's blog out here>http://onthebikeagain.blogspot.com/

that's my 1 cent worth.

see yah!

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