Friday, April 4, 2008

spring here??

waited till about 10:30am to get on mike bike this morning. just didn't really want to deal with 35 degree weather. it was about 45 when i left the house. not bad out. sun shining with a little breeze out of the north. so i decided to head to the trek shop in shawnee, to say hello to friends i haven't seen in a while.

long story short: i and a friend, ted worked at the trek store for 2-3 years intil late last september. still friends with all the really good people there, i just left due to an ownership change. one of the owners 'decided' to leave for 'differing' pastures. anyway. time can 'heal' or temper bad feelings and its been a realization of leaving behind good people really sucks.

wether the cycling community in our area realizes it or not, bike shops have personalities. they take on a life of there own due the owners, managers and there full and part time employees. i for one have bought a bike in 6 diferent bike shops in the metro earea over the last 7-8 years. so i say this from a consumer and a bike 'geek', the Trek stores personality is second to none in the area. a close 2nd is the Sunflower bike shop in lawrence, ks. anyway, minus the owner issue, the trek store has all the elements. good managers, good full and part time staff, and good stuff in their cool atmosphere shop. ive read reviews in the past of the shop from various websites(i.e. that complained about it beinga 'roadie' only kind of shop. thats friggin rediculous, cuz all of the mechanics have their cycling roots that begin on the mountain bike. its ammazing what a disgruntled customer, who does't feel like he should have to pay retail like everyone else, can do on the web with a few exagerations and even a couple of lies. the shop has top notch mechanics and a couple of managers with a great deal of knowledge and who are willing to pass that on to their customers and employees. anyway, seems the soapbox has gotten pretty high over here. i better get off before its' too late and i find my foot in my mouth.

seems like some spring like weather might be creeping this way, go friggin' ride your bike!

June 6th.........thats due date of life changing child......i bought a burley child trailer yesterday...............yes, i am a 'bike geek'.


Lis Heal said...

Sorry I missed seeing you at the Trek Store...I like the shout out that you gave to the shop though! Although I don't work very often, I do know you are missed. Are you getting pumped about being a daddy?

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Papa Taylor? Congrats Josh. I truly believe it takes someone who's a kid at heart (keep on ridin') to raise one, look at Tom and his boys.

It's been good seein' ya'round again. I too appreciate the shout out. It's been a tough year for all...

sstevensinkc said...

Hey f&*$er ;-) it was good see in the shop and shoot the shit with ya. We need to get out and ride sometime
soon. Congrats to you and Heather. Thanks for the good word. You and Ted are missed.

Amber said...

I just tagged your blog from


The World According to Zeke said...

JT- miss placed your email. Hit me again so we can catch up. Like the site, great photos.

josh taylor said...

thanks for the comments guys and thanks for reading my pointless blog!

you'll see more of me at the shop, i'm sure. unfortunately for you all.