Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i got a ride in this morning on the trails. this was unplanned cuz i figured the trails were going to be to wet for the next couple of days. however, all the rain in the forcast somehow missed my little world. so ted and i got about an hour and a half in at s.m. park. trails were ideal.

posted a couple of pics of my bike. it sure was dialed in for the 3hr spoke/pony race this past saturday at landahl park. the experiment with the 1x9 gearing is o longer an experiment. I Loved It! 34t up front with an 11x32 in the back was just fine. with that 11 ring in back, i have to get up to 29-30mph to even come close to spinning out. and even 3 hrs into the race, i never felt like i needed an easier gear. now i just need to figure out how to set up a 2x9 on it when ted and i get a few days in Crested Butte, Co this July.

my wife sure was happy with me this past week. we knocked out the painting of the baby's room and set up the crib as well. i think she thought i might string that project out a couple of weeks. anyway, one of the pics is of the new room with pait and crib. and the last pic is of my lovely wife heather and the brittany is 'landis'.
the other pic is bud ted meeting up with me this morning at the trailhead.

spring here?


Mark Studnicki said...

I'm looking at getting a Niner EMD just like yours. Can't beat the price for those things. I keep telling myself the 1*9 setup would be killer on my mtb, but just haven't pulled the plug on it yet. Both cross bikes are that way and would never go back to a double ring there.

josh said...

hey mark,
like i said, really happy with the 1x9. trying to firure out if a 2x9 with a 24 or 26 x 36 out in colorado in july is doable. ideally a 29x39 or a 29x40 would be best. however, nobody makes those chainring sizes for 4 bolt diameter of my xt external bearing cranks.

sdcxr said...

I tried to tell you that you that the 1 x 9 setup was the way to go....but I suppose that you weren't listening.....again!
Seriously I rode mine in Salida last fall without any problems....you will be fine. Leave it setup as a 1 x 9 and worry about something else for he next 3 months....like what it is going to be like to train and race with NO sleep....Dad:)