Sunday, March 23, 2008

almost 'dry trails'

saturday i got word from a friend, joe that the trails at shawnee mission park weren't too bad. so i coaxed ted into joining me for a sunday easter a.m. ride. he had done 4 1/2 hrs on saturday with another hammerhead, so he wasn't a positive for sunday, though.
sunday rolls around and ted calls. its a good thing he called to say he was ready to ride. cuz a couple of late nite car accidents that my crew and i ran had me really thinkin' about crallin into bed with the wife when i got home from work this morning. peer pressure can be a positvie thing and keep you from wimping out on a training ride.
anyway............the trails were not too bad. 4 or 5 spots where it was really swampy for 10 to 30 meters or so. other than that, 90% of the trail was ideal. next 3 or 4 days should be great trail conditions.......................and maybe the rain forecasted for thursday/friday wont happen and the heartland marathon mtb race will kick off the mtb racing season this saturday. cuz we all know the midwest craptire series is about as well run as an 78' AMC Pacer. thats a whole nother' topic in itself. i'll leave it for a later post to rant on.
so an hour ride from my house to the trails, an hour offroad and ridin' with a friend turned into a great 3 hour ride with a little sunshine mixed in. if i was warmer than 38 degrees you would've thought it was spring. %%#@, who am i kiddin', its still friggin' winter. oh well, still a good day to be outside on the bike and not wussing out and going for a run instead.

anyhow........go ride!

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