Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smithville Cx Pics

Michael Yeager just before the double barriers

Thad Carson 'flying' on his new Blue carbon cx bike.

Chris Locke finally had the weather and the right amount of water in the lake to actually get a good 'beach' section in his race.  He has been trying to get 
 sand section out at Smithville since he started putting this race on...It turned out great.  It was an awesome feature to a really fun course to race on.  Even with bad legs.

 Mr. Winkler...Before he let all of his anger out on the course and the rest of us cx 'mortals'.  He was flying on Sunday.
 Me thru the first few turns of the race.  I was chasing back on to the front 8 or so after stacking up the group in the first turn of the race.  "sorry everybody"!!

 Jeff above, and Tyler below thru the sand section on the lake.
Some SlimenUndGrossen action shots from Heather Taylor.

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