Sunday, October 19, 2008

360 teammates

images courtesy of joe houston. pics are from sundays Boulevard Cup at the start of the masters race. Take note of the 360 charge. 6 or 7 360 guys up front putting everybody into the dreaded 'pain locker' from the opening seconds of the race.

i know i get caught up talking about myself too much here on this blog. so i would be remiss to not talk about my 360racing teammates and how well our team is built for cross'. i think most of us crossers on the team knew that this would happen. but our team has really had an imprressive showing thru the first few weeks of the very young cx season. with Andy Lucas and Steve Songer killing everybody in the masters' 45+ field. no one has come close to them in the first 3 races in our area. andy even has a couple of podium finishes in a 40+ masters field at the UCI weekend up in madison, wi at jonathon pages' races the last weekend of sepetember. steve and andy have traded wins the last 3 races. andy winning saturday at the capital cx and steve winning at the heartland nite race and today at the blvd cup. David Hejduk has had the tough task of going up against jeff winkler from the kccx team and scott dunsmuir in the masters' 35+ category the first 4 races of the year, finishing 2nd 3 races and 3rd in another. david white is still racing his way into shape. he had a tough summer with not a lot of training or racing due to a double hernia surgery. he has actually been taking his lumps by racing with the 1/2's for 60 minutes of hell. cameron chambers has started to show his strength again with a good showing of 4th place in the 1/2' race at the capital cup on saturday afternoon and another 4th place on sunday in a very strong 1/2 field again. brendan jenks has raced strong in both the masters and a couple 1/2's races as well. with brian williams finally feally healthy, he finished 2nd sunday and 3rd saturday afternoon in the 3's race both days. then there is doug plumer. he has raced at a super high level on the mtb bike and the road in the past. with a wife and daughters, he is probably lucky to ride a day a week at best. However, he has come out and raced the first few weekends this year and totally turns himself inside to get the 360 train going in our masters races. doug has never met a holeshot he couldn't take. our 'missing in action' teammate from the summer, tead moore, is taking the david white approach and racing his way to peak form for u.s. nationals. with a 'new' bike and a new found appreciation for racing and training, ted should be right on schedule come early december.

360 racing is well represented every weekend there is a cx race in the surrounding area. with guys like joel hammontree, jason gaikowski, mike palitto, and brad schrock toeing the start line from weekend to weekend, no other team in the kc region can stack up to 360racings' depth and quality of cyclocross racers . trust me, i hear our competitors talking about us every weekend. skc, kcoi, cycle city, and bike shack, its all good natured competition. but its cool seeing the other teams a little envious of all the 'fast guys' wearing the 360 kit. oh well, i guess they will just look forward to the 'road' season that much more, cuz we own them on the mountain bike as well!!:)

see you at smithville!



ScottyD said...

360 has been impressive this season & I'll be the first to give credit where credit is due. Master's racing this year has gone to a whole other level because of the 360 train. Tell Plumer to save something for the finish & give me a break at the start!

JB said...


This is EXACTLY why I love racing against and training with you guys! Keep workin' it bro!