Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cross' just around the corner!

you know how i can tell cross is just around the corner........?? cuz that is all i have thought about since the last cx race of last season. the shawnee grote prijs on january 7th of 08'........thats how! tour of kc this weekend. raced the tues nite crit for the first time in a month. sat in early. followed wheels in the middle of the race and worked up to the front the last 15 minutes of the race. again, i just followed wheels come bell lap and finished 10th in the pack sprint. 4 of the usual suspects were up the road. really consciously held back tonite and raced really conservative knowing i was just get ting the crit legs ready for this weekends racing.. should be a minmum of 80 racers on friday nites race in downtown kck and close to 100 for saturadys circuit and sundays crit. i love big fields! anyway....the above are some pics to get you in the mood for cx, courtesy of heather.

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JB said...


Good to see you out there last night. You looked like you still had some powder in the keg for this weekend. YES CROSS!