Saturday, July 26, 2008

more pics and check th website for results

more pics from wife and check out this website..... and july 21st. kc's very own 360 racing colors were being flown in portland, oregon. the announcer found it strange that some guy from olathe, ks had shown up to race in portland and kept mentioning the teams' and my name thru about all of my times thru the start/finnish hill. first announcer that some interloper was in their top ten and then from the 3rd lap on kept talking about the dirt on my team kit, the blood on my knee, and for some reason that i seemed to be going backwards thru the pro/expert field. hmm....go figure.


Mark Studnicki said...

Looks like your 'cross season is already under way. You missed one hell of a race at Shawnee Mission Park. 6 laps of that rocky mess was brutal.

Pete Basso said...

Josh - I've got the fever this year. I'm actually heading to Portland on Wednesday. It's my 20th class reunion this weekend. Yea, I'm gettin' old too.