Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Request To Induce? Denied...

So my wife and i were at the doctors' office on tuesday. she is starting the weekly visits cuz she is getting close to due date. doctor does the ol' insert finger into my wife's privates to check on dialation of cervix and whatever else all 6 figures of that student loan went for. The doc actually informs the 2 of us that heather is much closer than she would have thought. basically saying a natural birth was rather eminent if not expected at anytime.

So, me being myself. I say lets get it on, lets induce now. what the hell, right? the doctor had told us the previous time in that she would only induce if heather's cervix was favorable. those were actually her words. now she is telling us that from her examination of heather today, that her cervix is favorable. i was just thinking, the earlier in the week she delivers the kid, the more likely i will get to race on the weekend. Hey, i am just being pragmatic here. I dont really want to go race and be unreachable during a race if heather still hasn't delivered yet, you know. she already has like 10 different phone numbers to try and reach me if i am at work. i am still looking into getting the national guard emergency number and the governor's hotline number.

so the doctor looks at me as if i am 'half' joking with my request and i look at her as if i am 'half' serious. meanwhile, heather begins to explain to her my predicament with the whole racing my bike thing. That i would just as soon get the kid out now so i won't miss a race on the weekend. the doctor and the med student look at each other and slowly start to laugh. truly, i think they only laughed to hide the sympathy in their faces for my wife and the poor misfortune she had to marry somebody like me. heather found it thouroughly enjoyable to show how completely 'off the rocker' her husband is. she also got a big kick out of how the doc responded to my request and her explanation of that request. seeing the doc not know if i was serious or joking about inducing my wife due to bicycle racing concerns really really struck the wife as humorous.

Really though. this is how cool heather is. we were discussing some teammates racing out of town this next weekend and another race that was in town and that it was still a possibility that i could race in town. i figured that weekend would be a wash with no racing. seems only logical that i wouldn't, wether she delivers or not. jesus! i am not the F'-up.....or maybe i am......i don't anyway...... my thought was, at best, i might be able to race on sunday june 8th if she delivered earlier that week.(due date is actually june 6th)(hey andy, how long did you wait to race after your old lady had your little girl??) i was thinking that if the delivery went smooth and everybody(wife and baby) was healthy and at home, i might have a shot to sneek away for a few hours to partake in a mountainbike race. heather actually informs me that it was still possible for me to race if she didn't deliver as well. mind you, i truly wasnt fishing for any gimmees here. i wasn't feeling her out to see if it was a possiblity or any thing. i had truly not planned on doing any racing for the next few weekends, and hell, i still may not. but just to see her even mention it, not even roll her eyes at it, and even bring up the possibility of it......well, she get's it!

hell, she somehow gets me and my F'd-up brain and how it works.

hmm......poor poor heather!
she is Friggin great, though!

man, I Love my wife!

p.s. to any of those folks who thought i might get slower on the cross' bike....well, bad news for you! i.e. ted, joe, andy

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